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Wholesale Information

Super Bird Creations products are sold at fine pet stores worldwide.

Thank you for your interest in our line of products for pet birds and small animals. We have a wonderful team of wholesale distributors strategically located across the U.S. and ready to provide responsive and customized service. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of additional assistance regarding our products.

US Distributors

Company State Phone Website
A Bird Toy, LLC AR 870-321-1940 abirdtoy.com
Aussie Bird Toys WA 800-882-0481 aussiebirdtoys.com
Birdeez Nutrition AZ 480-377-6501 countryfeathers.net
Brainy Bird Toys WA 360-990-4717 brainybirdtoys.com
Celltei NY 718-388-8882 celltei.com
Diamond Avian Distributors NC 800-353-2473 diamondavian.com
Henco Pet-Vet Distributor CA 818-767-5273 hencopet.com
Pacific Breeding CA 818-335-0550 --
Pet Terrific CA 818-775-9889 --
Southern Agriculture OK 918-488-1993 southernagriculture.com
Upright Trading CA 626-579-0578 uprighttrading.com
West Coast Seed OR 800-234-2535 west-coast-seed.com
Wholesale Bird & Cage, LLC MO 636-724-3300 wholesalebirdandcage.com
Wildwood Seed & Specialties OR 800-358-8710 --
Wyld's Wingdom VA 800-366-9953 wingdom.com

International Distributors

Company Country Phone Website
Prestige Pet Products Australia 07-5432-0200 prestigepetproducts.com.au
Distribution L'Odyssee Canada 450-939-1109 ---
W & M Pet Supplies Canada 604-619-2431 ---
Urban Parrot Loft Hong Kong/Korea 852-2960-4994 ---
Critama Japan 81-42-328-3761 ---
Dream Bird Japan 81-33-952-1844 ---
Basic Groups (Petzone) Kuwait --- ---
Cool Parrots Spain 976617836 ---
Amigo Pet Products Taiwan 866-4-2316-5412 ---
Avonturia The Netherlands 31-070-363-7272 avonturia.nl
Northern Parrot U.K. 44-1706-281494 northernparrots.com

If you are interested in our products and would like to work with a distributor who isn't on the above list we would appreciate it if you would refer them to us. Thank you.

Please Note:
Wholesale Distributors only sell to retail shops, they do not sell direct to consumers. If you are a bird owner looking for our products please visit your local pet shop or refer to our directory of online retailers.