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Choosing Toys for Your Bird

Is it Really Just a Bird Toy?

...or is it a magical device that becomes whatever your bird desires? One thing is very clear, bird toys are more than mere playthings when it comes to your bird. What does a bird toy represent to your bird? How can this help you to make better choices for your bird?

What is your bird's toy personality?

Observation is the key to understanding how to make the best toy selections for your bird. Does your bird have preferences for certain materials, colors, textures or shapes? Keep the following questions in mind while observing your bird interacting with toys and other objects of interest around the house?

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Does your bird like to...

Answers to these questions can point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the perfect toys for your bird.

Other Considerations in Choosing Toys

Types of Bird Toys

There are many bird toys available on the market and the choice is daunting to some bird owners. It is helpful to understand how various categories of toys help to enrich their feathered companion's lives. Birds should be provided with a cross section of toys from all of the following categories to ensure that their physical, instinctual and emotional needs are being addressed. The key categories are:

Not only should your bird have a wide variety of toys to choose from on a daily basis, it is also important to rotate toys in and out of the cage weekly to provide additional diversity and prevent boredom.